DIY Training Videos

1) Solar kW vs. kWh

There is a lot of confusion about terminology when planning solar. “Power” in KiloWatts (KW) is not the same as “Energy” KiloWatt-Hours (KWh). In this video, we will describe these terms and also explain how you can predict the Energy your solar system will produce each, day, month, or year. After watching this video, You will be able to predict what size array will be needed to CANCEL out your electrical bill!

2) Solar Exposure

Does my home have good exposure for Solar? In this video we will walk you through how you can do your own solar site assessment even if you have no special tools, training, or experience. Hey, Solar is a big investment – make sure your site is right for solar!

3) Does Solar Make Financial Sense?  Part I

How long before my solar system pays for itself? What is the Return on Investment (ROI)? Fasten your seat belt as we start a two part series through the ins and outs of Solar Economics as it relates to YOU, the homeowner. These videos will give you the tools and resources you need to figure out if solar makes sense for your home, even if you no prior experience with finances.

4) Does Solar Make Financial Sense? – Part II

We conclude the two part financial series – giving you a tool you can use to figure out what your return-on-investment will be with solar and how long it will take for the system to pay for itself.

5) Can HOAs ban Solar ?

This is often wondered in passing as polite dinner conversation at the beginning of an otherwise meaningful discussion on solar. And sadly, it’s usually the dismissive end of the conversation. At other times, this is a loosely held notion that blocks any more detailed thought into the process. But it’s a myth! Not all HOAs prohibit Solar. Some do, but not all. Let me tell you how it breaks down.

6) Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS)

Solar Renewable Energy Credits, also known as SRECS, are a type of incentive that helps defray the cost of your solar system. It’s money in your pocket. This video will explain how they work, so that YOU can take full advantage.

7) Solar Installation – PART I, Racking

The most important feature of a solar array is safety and making sure the array stays mounted to the roof.  We have designed systems to stay attached under all foreseeable weather conditions (wind, rain and snow).  This video shows how to attached the racking to the roof.

8) Dimensioning Your Roof For Solar

How do you know many solar panels will fit on your roof?  You probably will need to get some measurements – I’ll demonstrate how in this video.

9) Microinverter 101

Modules and Microinverters – its a perfect combo.  In this video, I’ll show you how the work and why its such an approachable solution for the DIyer