solar power appraisal

Dear Home Owner,

You may be considering solar power for your home. If so, you’re in the right place.

Across the U.S., energy costs are rising and will continue to rise, while solar power becomes more affordable and easily attainable by homeowners.

The problem, which you may have already discovered, is that…

It’s pretty hard to find truly reliable and unbiased information about options for solar power for your home.

As a Board-Certified Electrician and Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer with over 20  years of experience, I’ve set out to become the #1 resource for homeowners who are considering solar power for their home.

To support my goal of becoming your #1 trusted solar power resource, I’m offering a solar appraisal worth $115 for just $7 (yeah, that is not a typo).

Using satellite and aerial imagery, I will review your home or business relative to the sun angle and shade and determine if you have good orientation for solar power.

Included in my custom solar appraisal, you will receive the following:

An image of your home showing the best place to put your solar panels, so you get the best solar exposure possible.

A monthly solar power production estimate that you can compare to your electrical bill to know  how much money you will save.

A summary of the incentives the government offers in your city and state, potentially saving you thousands at tax time.

A PDF outlining the next steps you need to take to find a good installer and/or do some of it or all of It yourself with my help (DIY).

Click on ‘Add To Cart’ below to get your solar appraisal for $7 (that’s 94% off)