Welcome to My DIY Solar House!

Our focus is on helping you, the homeowner, put solar on your home.  For one reason or another, you have decided to or are thinking about putting solar on your home as a Do It Yourself (DIY) project.

Ultimately, our mission is to provide you with the resources, tools and tips to help you navigate the learning curve and avoid common mistakes. Whether you want to do it all yourself OR farm out certain parts of the project and serve as your own “general contractor”, this is your one stop shop.

Here’s how to Get Started:

1) If you are just getting into this and are still in a voyage of discovery, subscribe to my blog – and check out the Resources page.

2) If you want to find out if solar is right for your home, get a Solar Appraisal

3) If you are ready to proceed and put solar on your house – go to my store and order a kit.  These kits come with detailed plans so that you can pull permits, and they include my technical support.

4) If you already have materials and just need technical assistance (plans for the permitting process  or need technical support by the hour), please contact us!

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I was impressed with the organization of materials, tools and the prominent display/use of the engineering documents Helios drafted specifically for our job. Professional, organized, prepared to expend special effort as necessary and readily responded to my questions… we were reassured by the fact that the work was managed by Tim, a PE, PMP and a NABCEP Certified Solar Energy Professional.
- Larry Williams, Hamilton, VA
Tim’s design was very elegant using frameless, all black modules that matched well with the roof. No wires or mounting equipment is visible and the shape of the array matches the roof line very nicely. After sale support is excellent. Tim is always available for questions and is very knowledgeable and responsive!
- Sarah A., Leesburg, VA
Tim’s designs made permitting a snap. The system works great!
- Peter Clay, Falls Church, VA
Going down the DIY solar route was a fun and rewarding experiencing, but it wouldn’t have been possible without Tim’s engineering and design drawings.
- KD, Rockville, MD